Before launching Chain Reaction, we thought our role was to assist others who were already in the fight against trafficking…offer supplies, moral support, fundraise, and help any way we could…from the sidelines. After all, we were already busy with Global Renewal, our organization that focuses on training leaders and helping communities. But in early 2010, while teaching trafficking prevention in a poor, Cambodian village, we unknowingly met our first rescue – her sweet smile was immediately etched into our hearts. We soon discovered that her mother, sold into a life of slavery, had recently died of HIV. Her grandmother, the beneficiary of the sale, became this child’s guardian. Grandmother’s care consisted of chaining the child in front of their hovel where food and excrements would be tossed to her. At night, she was fair game for the community (mainly men) to do with her whatever they wanted. We took the child out of that nightmare, and she walked right into all of our hearts–singing! Thus began a home for rest, pause, and change–SELAH HOUSE. Currently we operate safe houses in Cambodia and Indonesia.

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